Mission Statement

Since 2007 we have been dedicated to providing therapeutic opportunities for students of all ages living with physical, developmental and/or neurological challenges. With the support of volunteers, trained yoga instructors and therapists we are committed to seeing each person as a whole and complete human being, capable of transformation given the right support. We believe that working as a group provides each student the opportunity to learn from each other and removes boundaries, which tend to create separation and fear.
Our intention is to manifest
this project as a long-term rehabilitative program that continues to serve students needs and to facilitate an outstanding teacher-training and internship program.

Current activities recent accomplishments, future plans.

We are currently focusing our efforts to respond to our community of educators and parents with their overwhelming requests for yoga to be brought into the public school system. Special need classrooms are underfunded, especially in low income marginalized areas.

Who are we working with?

Persons who are needing post stroke rehabilitation

Persons living with arthritis

Persons living with cerebral palsy

Persons living with multiple sclerosis

Fibromyalgia & chronic pain syndrome

Post surgical rehabilitation clients

Populations of individuals with related conditions which would benefit
from special attention and assistance while performing a yoga practice.

Basic introduction to yoga for people with sensitivities.

Yoga students who would like to work with populations of special needs.

Any one who might be just plain tired or overextended in some way and needs to come to a class that doesn’t demand to much! Or any one who is curious.


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